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JUNE 2012

Number 1

Just one more day

At the very spot where Michael Brennan had put in his last day of digging, the new owners set off a blast that uncovered the rich ledge of gold Brennan had sought. One day more and his dreams would have come true! He quit too soon!

— Dr. George wood | Read more …

Like a load lifted from your back

Have you ever owed a debt that seemed impossible to repay? It probably felt like a heavy load on your back that couldn't be lifted. No matter how hard you worked, you knew that you could never repay the amount owed. Perhaps the load was lifted when someone else stepped in and paid the amount in full on your behalf. Do you remember the relief you felt when the debt was cancelled?

— Dr. Bill Hennessy | Read more …

A loving dad's faith

This dad hastened about twenty miles to ask a big favor of a village carpenter. He inquired as to where Jesus could be found. The nobleman found Jesus and begged Him to come and heal his dying son. Dads, like this nobleman, who understand that Jesus is the answer for all the needs of their family, will hear from God.

— Joan Buchanan | Read more …

Mother of the prodigal

Dark ominous clouds threatened on the horizon obliterating the light from the harvest moon and casting a pall over the desolate countryside. It was the perfect backdrop for the drama playing itself out on the stage of her broken heart. In the distance she could hear the pitiful bleating of the small lamb and knew the deed had been done. "Oh, God," she wept wiping furiously at the tears on her cheeks, "Will you also break the leg of my wayward son?"

— Ronda Knuth | Read more …

Coming in July: Assault on freedom

— Kyle McClure


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