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JULY 2012

Number 2

Empty Holes

Astronomers at the University of Minnesota recently discovered a gigantic hole in the universe, an expanse nearly a billion light-years across of emptiness. This desolate area contains no stars, galaxies, gas, or even dark matter.

—NANCY STEVENS | Read more …

Assault on Freedom

Once again, the lack of education about our Founding Fathers and their beliefs is proving to be a detriment to our country. Michael Newdow, a self-proclaimed atheist who has fought to remove the phrase "Under God" from our pledge of allegiance, has announced that his next target is our country's motto. "In God We Trust," as you probably know, is printed on the money that you and I use every day, and he wants it removed.

— Kyle McClure| Read more …

My Marriage Died - But I Can't Find the Funeral

I was getting all "gussied up" to attend a women's luncheon with my mom and some friends. But I never made it to the event. The anticipated laughter of the day changed to lamenting. I started crying that morning and didn't stop for a very long time.

— Laura Petherbridge | Read more …

Johnny - Man in the Shadows

Dark ominous clouds threatened on the horizon obliterating the light from the harvest moon and casting a pall over the desolate countryside. It was the perfect backdrop for the drama playing itself out on the stage of her broken heart. In the distance she could hear the pitiful bleating of the small lamb and knew the deed had been done. "Oh, God," she wept wiping furiously at the tears on her cheeks, "Will you also break the leg of my wayward son?"

— Jim Cole-Rous| Read more …

Coming in August: When Will You Choose?

Preparing for college life, Howard Stevens challenges students to look at bigger issues that will affect the direction of their entire life ahead; not just the next four years in school.


— Howard Stevens


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