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Number 3

When Will You Choose?

Preparing for college life, Howard Stevens challenges students to look at bigger issues that will affect the direction of their entire life ahead; not just the next four years in school.

—HOWARD STEVENS | Read more …

The Essential Authority of God's Word

I often hear people say that the historical Truth of the book of Genesis is a non-essential issue today. I have to ask, "Non-essential to who?"

— RUSS MILLER | Read more …

Building Bridges of Relevance

Attending my first soccer game was a frustrating experience. As a kid from New England, I had watched hundreds of Red Sox, Celtic, Patriots, and Bruins games, but none of these games prepared me for what I was about to see. Balls bouncing off people's heads, off-sides calls, and the never-ending collision of bodies seemed a bit strange.

—CLANCY HAYES | Read more …

Why Is Pain Necessary?

Christians, who believe in a loving Creator, don't really know how to interpret pain. If pinned against the wall at a dark, secret moment, many Christians would confess that pain was God's one mistake. Really, he should have worked a little harder to devise a better way for us to cope with danger. I used to feel that way exactly.

—Charles Stanley | Read more …

Coming September -The Day Christ Stood

Have you ever been in the presence of someone very important, someone you deeply admired? Did you feel awestruck, intimidated or speechless? Would you have felt overwhelmed and unworthy if that person had stood up to greet you when you entered the room?

— Howard Stevens


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