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Number 4

The Day Christ Stood

Have you ever been in the presence of someone very important, someone you deeply admired? Did you feel awestruck, intimidated or speechless? Would you have felt overwhelmed and unworthy if that person had stood up to greet you when you entered the room?

—HOWARD STEVENS | Read more …

It's All About Christ

How many times have you heard about an athlete who rose to fame and fortune on his own strengths, but lost everything when that strength faded? How many times have you heard about a business man who rose quickly to success only to lose everything of value along the way? Many times, people do not realize what they chased after caused their destruction until it is too late.

—BILL HENNESSY | Read more …

Still Flexible?

Change will always be a part of life. Nothing and no one is exempt from it. Our situation      may be devastating to us, but we also need to move ahead and see what new chapter of life God has for us.

—CHRYSTAL J. ORTMANN | Read more …

Secrets to Serving Your Generation in Your Time

God's purpose for the Church is also his purpose for every Christian. As individual followers of Christ we are to use our lives in worship, ministry, evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship. The Church allows us to do it together. We are not alone in serving Him.

—RICK WARREN | Read more …

Next Month: The Challenge of Civic Religion

One of the great challenges to New Testament Christianity and evangelism in our nation is the fluid faith of those who espouse the Christian religion.

— Robert J. Young

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