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Number 5


The Secret of a Transformed Life

Did you know that a man celebrated the Lord's Supper on the moon? Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong had only been on the Lunar surface a few minutes when Buzz Aldrin, 250,000 miles from earth, 'read a verse from the Gospel of John, and took communion.' Like others before him, he was living a transformed life. You can experience this same change as you read the simple principles that men like Buzz Aldrin learned.

— Jim Cole-Rous | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …

The Challenge of Civic Religion

Is there a difference between Civic and Personal religion? Bob Young writes: One of the great challenges to New Testament Christianity and evangelism in our nation is the fluid faith of those who espouse the Christian religion. I affirm that this fluidity is a product of the civic religion which in the early days of our nation failed to or refused to define specifically the Christian faith, and in our current world fails to define religion." This Is a challenge to define New Testament Christianity, and helps us clarify the blurred lines between the two.

—Robert J. Young | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …

I was Not Prepared for Betrayal

Here is the heart-rending true account of a woman who never knew what her husband was doing until it was too late. She says: "I learned that he was, in fact, a serial rapist. It was easy for him to hide his "other" life from me: I worked days, he worked nights." The aftermath was one of well-meaning people who did not know how to comfort; and others who prejudged the victim. Thankfully there was one person who spoke words that carried her for years to come. "Honey, you've done nothing to be ashamed. You hold your head up high." Her's were kind words, breathing life into her spirit.

—Ronda Knuth | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …

The Indescribable Christ

God's purpose for the Church is also his purpose for every Christian. As individual followers of Christ we are to use our lives in worship, ministry, evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship. The Church allows us to do it together. We are not alone in serving Him.

—Peggy Bohanon | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …

Next Month: Stories Without Endings

There are a number of places in Scripture where an encounter with God ends and we are left hanging in mid-stride, one foot in the air, not knowing where the next step will come down: wondering, 'What happened next? What is the rest of the story? Though we may never know how the story turned out, we can learn from the unwritten endings and see what they teach us about the direction we should go when we find ourselves in a similar situation."

—Jim Thornber

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