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January 2013

Number 8

Cross After Tornado

Do We Really Care?

What does God want from us, for us? The answer is not in the "Big B's"--bus, buildings, budgets--but souls. His is a list of "S" words. He seeks souls. He wants us to use our spiritual gifts, to express our caring in small groups, to be students, to be willing to make sacrifices.

—Robert J. Young | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …


Sending and Sent - Missions Perspective

No one looking over this scene would have guessed the upheaval that was about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world. This disorganized band of mostly uneducated and seemingly under resourced rabble was about to receive the power of the Holy Spirit and, . . .

—Scott Hassett | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …

Love Shapes

Am I in a Healthy Relationship?

Unsafe people display specific character traits as well, including manipulative behavior, lying, selfishness, and a lack of concern for the needs, feelings, and emotions of others. They often make degrading comments and seek to further their own agendas regardless of the cost

—Mary J. Yerkes | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …

Mom Made it Easy for us to Obey God

Four years later Mom had a stroke. From her hospital bed she reached out and took my hand. "Mary, I don't want to hurt your feelings," she said, "but I really don't need you here." This time she quoted Psalm 73:25: "Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee." Her eyes met mine. "That's how I feel. I have God. You go back and take care of your husband and boys. God will take care of me."

—Mary Ann Hawkes | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …


Next Month: Lonely, But Never Alone

No one seems to understand or realize how much you hurt. You feel totally alone and desperately lonely. The good news is that you are never alone. In the depths of your loneliness, you can cry out to God and He can become your best friend. He wants to listen to all you tell Him because He always has time for you.

—Chrystal Ortmann

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