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February 2013

Number 9


Lonely, But Never Alone

 No one seems to understand or realize how much you hurt. You feel totally alone and desperately lonely. The good news is that you are never alone. In the depths of your loneliness, you can cry out to God and He can become your best friend. He wants to listen to all you tell Him because He always has time for you.

—Crystal Ortmann | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …


Soaring with Eagles

Philip Yancey wrote "I really only love God as much as I love the person I love the least." We were reading aloud when we came across this, and it was followed by a small silence, a quiet gasp, a faint groan, as if we'd been collectively punched in the stomach. It proved to be the crack in the dam. Their hearts continue to heal as we learn to soar on wings of grace.

—Margaret Mills | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …


Is Jesus Relevant Today?

"If so many, who have achieved the highest reaches of fame and fortune and power, could not find the answer to the emptiness that fills mankind, how can I?" The relevance of Truth never fades; the belief that humanity has advanced and improved so much that we no longer need any god but ourselves, proves itself repeatedly for the empty lie that it is.

—Flynn Clanton | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …

Christian Perspective of Journalism

In the words of William Allen White, "Dip your pen into your arteries and write."  That is the life of a journalist.  Not only is the writing process immensely more difficult than it appears, but writing is the act of taking something from within the author and recording it on paper.  The innermost workings of a human being are revealed through the written word. 

—Sarah McDonald | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …


Coming in March: The Value of Teamwork

The 2010 Soccer World Cup, held in Johannesburg, South Africa saw 32 teams play 64 games in just 31 days. There were a number of memorable moments, but one unlikely result stands out: Switzerland's victory over Spain. Think about it: not one player on the Swiss team is a household name, yet together, they beat the World Cup favorites. Teamwork, not individuals skills won the day for the Swiss.

—Dr. Bill Hennessy

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