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August 2013

Number 15

Time is Money

Accountability Relationships - Mary Yerkes

Most Christians would acknowledge the need for biblical accountability in their own lives and the Christian community as a whole. Biblical accountability fosters spiritual growth, encourages holy living, and protects ministries and churches. Yet, many find themselves at a loss when it comes to knowing how to start and maintain an accountability relationship or group.

—Mary Yerkes | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …


Three Ways to Recognize God's Call - Sylvia Stewart

Few of us hear an audible voice from God if Heís calling us to be missionaries. Itís not always easy to recognize if the call is from Him, or if our own imaginations or emotions are pulling us toward a missionary career. Self-doubt creeps in: Am I just emotionally drawn to this people group? Maybe Iím only interested in this area of the world and not truly called at all?

—Sylvia Stewart | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …

Watching the road

God's Love Keeps Reaching - Howard W. Stevens

The father had feared that his son was dead or would never return. Apparently, he had looked down the road that led to his estate every day, hoping to see his son. As the son approached his father's estate, his father ran to meet him and threw his arms around him.

—Howard W. Stevens | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …

Three Discipline Basics - Family First

The first step in non-negotiable discipline is to set up consequences for misbehavior in advance. Once those are in place explain the consequences to your child so they know what to expect. Then, when disobedience occurs, calmly relay the consequences. At that point, don't negotiate consequences with your children.

—Family First | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …


Coming in September - The Cross on the Wall - Dr. Anton Bosch

As the carpenter studied the lumber that seemed to be good for nothing, an idea came to him: He would make a cross for the church from these pieces. So, he once again applied his skills, and planed the two pieces of wood and patiently worked with them to form the eight foot cross.

—Dr. Anton Bosch

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