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October 2013

Number 17


Beyond the Mountains by Stephen R. Phifer

"They would see the mountains, then the holy city, finally the temple. But these material wonders were not the source of the help they needed. Their source, and ours, is the One who made the hills, the One who made heaven and earth, the One who designed the Temple as His dwelling Place."

—Stephen R. Phifer | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …


Pentecost in the Life of Morris Williams

He [my Dad] was "waited upon" by the church elders who gave him a chance to recant. He "broke the camel's back" when he entertained the Pentecostal evangelist in our home. The following Sunday he found a padlock on the door of the church. All this happened before I was ten years old, but it affected the whole Williams family. From that time on, ours was a Pentecostal home, and all seven children entered the Assemblies of God ministry.

—Morris Williams | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …


The Cost of Discipleship by Steven M. Fettke

There is an old hymn that was my maternal grandmother's favorite, "More Like the Master, I Would Ever Be," but, in the case of this passage, hardly anyone would want to compose a hymn with these verses in mind! We all say we want to be like Jesus, but we forget that being like Him also means to suffer.

—Steven M. Fettke | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …


Making Peace with Your Pain by Richard Exley

How had he put it? "Failure is a teacher - a harsh one, perhaps, but the best." Not an enemy but a teacher. "You can be discouraged by failure," he had said, "or you can learn from it." What a thought! I could learn from this tragic experience. It need not destroy me. This pain, this awful, unrelenting pain, could be made an ally.

—Richard Exley | CLICK HERE TO Read The FULL ARTICLE …


Coming in November - A Call to Greatness by Gwen Miller

Often the greatest block to our faith walk, is our focus on the natural or practical issues of life. If our vision is limited to the here and now, it will keep us from rising to the higher life to which God calls us.

—Gwen Miller

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